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  1. We'll get in touch by phone, letter or email.
  2. Talk to us and we'll work with you to find a plan that's affordable for you. 
  3. If at any point things become unmanageable, just get in touch - we want to help. 
  4. Together we'll get your debt cleared and put you on the road to financial recovery. 

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What makes us different?

Just talk to them and see what they can do for you. They're not going to expect you to pay it back all at once, they've probably dealt with thousands of customers who are in the same situation as you are. They're there to help you and they only ask you to pay back what you can.

Emma, Cardiff

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What managing your account means to you

What managing your account means to you

You'll be able to set specific goals that help you on your journey to financial recovery. These goals might include:

  • Improving your credit rating in order to obtain credit at a more competitive rate
  • Getting your finances in order
  • Improving your credit rating in order to get a mortgage and buy a home
  • Being financially stable in order to move jobs or even start a business

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Our mission

"Helping each and every customer to financial recovery."

It’s the focal point of everything we do. Our unique approach to credit management makes us different to other debt purchase companies. We’re friendly, flexible and always strive to understand our customers’ situation in depth before we begin to discuss repayment.

As our many satisfied customers will tell you, we know that everyone’s situation is different and we treat people as individuals. We offer a range of credit management solutions for every customer so they can repay what they owe, but not have to put their lives on hold while doing so.