There can be a lot of pressure that comes with Valentine’s Day celebrations: buying the right present, booking the perfect restaurant, and having enough left over for flowers, chocolates and the funniest/most romantic card. All of these can cause you financial headaches, but there are ways to make your Valentine’s Day special without it being a financial burden.

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Here are a few of our favourite ideas:

Plan a nice dinner at home

Cooking a meal from scratch can be a great way to spend Valentine’s Day and show your partner you care. A meal at home can be just as nice (and sometimes, even more intimate) as one at a fancy restaurant. There are plenty of websites out there that can help you plan budget friendly meals.

Cabot tip: Wear your dressy clothes and eat by candlelight to make the meal feel even fancier.

Cheat and order (discounted) takeaway

You'll find some takeaways offer Valentine's day deals. If you want a cheaper option to eating out, but don't want the hassle of cooking for yourself, spending a little on a takeaway can sometimes be cheaper than eating out.

Look for supermarket meal deals

If cooking from scratch makes you nervous and takeaway is a step too far, most supermarkets will have special Valentine's day meal deals. You should be able to get something tasty for around £10, and you won’t have to spend hours in the kitchen preparing it.

BONUS: Make your night in ALL about your partner

Spending Valentine’s Day at home with your partner can be a very cost-effective option, but it's easy to slip into bad habits and make your at-home Valentine's just another stay-at-home evening. So put the phones away and make sure your focus is 100% on your significant other.

Cabot tip: Why not turn it into a little game? Perhaps the first one to touch their phone has to wash the dishes or take out the bins for the month?

Make your own gifts and cards

Making your own gifts and cards can be a fun way to save money and show that you really care. There are lots of cheap Valentine's day gifts, so you don't have to splash the cash to make Valentine's special.

Do something new together

No matter your skill level, trying something new with your partner is exciting. You may find that a lot of activities are specially discounted for Valentine's Day, so you've got no excuse to not get adventurous. Websites such as Design My Night have lots of suggestions for things to do around the country.

BONUS: And if you're on your own…

Why not team up with a fellow single and take advantage of some of the deals we've mentioned above. Not only will it make Valentine's a less solitary experience, it will also save you some cash at the same time.

And most important of all: stick to a budget

Budgeting for the day and limiting yourself to a set amount of money to spend together means you can enjoy Valentine’s Day without worrying about your finances.

Remember, you can use our Budget Planner to help you keep track of your money all year round, not just for Valentine's Day…

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