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Sophie found her credit card debt was racking up quickly. She couldn't meet the payments and one of those debts were passed to Cabot.

She says, "I thought I'd accumulated debt far too easily."

We wrote to her and she immediately felt at ease. Because of this, she contacted us.

"I found Cabot professional and understanding of my situation."

We worked out a payment plan in consultation with Sophie, and she made her payments regularly over a three-year period to clear her balance.

"I'm now able to save for a deposit on a house and enjoy the freedom of knowing I have no debt hanging over me.

"I think more education for young people taking out credit should be provided, as you can build up debt rapidly without really knowing."

As for dealing with Cabot, Sophie advises new clients to keep Cabot “informed of any changes. They are understanding as long as you are honest.”

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