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Welcome to Cabot Financial

Welcome to the customer website of Cabot Financial (Europe) Limited.

This site will tell you a little about us, what we believe in and how we try to work with you, our customers.

There is also a range of invaluable information and links to independent third party organisations, all designed to help you in managing and resolving your debt problems.

If you have recently received a letter from us, then please click here.

Working with You

Who is Cabot Financial?

Cabot Financial was established in 1998 and we purchase consumer debt from banks and other credit lenders, which they no longer wish to manage.

If you have received correspondence from us, then this means that we have now purchased your debt from the original lender.  We understand that people end up in debt for all sorts of reasons beyond their control and that this can be extremely stressful to deal with.

We wish to work with you to find an affordable repayment solution and help you to clear your debt with us. 

More about Cabot

Getting debt help and advice

If you are experiencing severe financial difficulties and owe money to a number of creditors, then Cabot Financial would recommend that you seek independent advice.

There are a number of charitable organisations within the UK who provide a free debt counselling service and who can assist you in managing your debts.

Please click on the link below for further information.

Free Debt Advice