Why am I here and what should I do next?

You’ve become a customer of Cabot because we've recently purchased your account. We're now responsible for helping you to manage it.

You may not realise just how many options you have to manage your credit commitments. Our team of Customer Consultants are here to listen to you and understand your situation.

Together, we can put together a plan of action for your future.

Get in touch today to start your journey to financial recovery:

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Cabot will only contact you by phone after sending an introductory letter to your address. When contacting you, we will ask you security questions in line with data protection requirements.

We will never discuss personal or account information, or ask for a payment, prior to completing security questions. Please ensure that you complete security questions before revealing any personal details.

If you are a Cabot customer and are unsure if it is Cabot who has contacted you, please call us on 0344 556 0263* so we can assist you.


What makes Cabot different?

Find out from our customers

We listen

Ann, Devon

I paid off the debt and they sent me a very nice letter. Debt doesn’t have to make you worry when Cabot helps you. They are a genuine and kind company.

We listen

Nicholas, Manchester

Cabot were professional and there to help, it can be embarrassing and scary being in debt. Trust them, they want to help you. I've always had full confidence in them.

We listen

Emma, Cardiff

I'm really thankful to Cabot. They helped me pay my debt off and made the payments affordable so it was all manageable. Just talk to them and see what they can do for you. They're there to help you and they only ask you to pay back what you can.

We listen

Jennifer, Hampshire

Cabot were friendly and caring. They listened to me about what I could afford to repay. Until this point, debt was something I ignored and hoped would go away.


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*Calls to our 03 numbers will be charged at local rate from landlines and mobiles