Our mission

"Helping each and every customer to financial recovery."

It’s the focal point of everything we do. Our unique approach to credit management makes us different to other debt purchase companies.

We’re friendly, flexible and always strive to understand our customers’ situation in depth before we begin to discuss repayment.

As our many satisfied customers will tell you, we know that everyone’s situation is different and we treat people as individuals. We offer a range of credit management solutions for every customer so they can repay what they owe, but not have to put their lives on hold while doing so.

How can Cabot help?

Our customers usually begin their journey in a similar way. It may be by missing a payment in the past, be it with a credit card company, financial lender, catalogue, or something else altogether and is now in arrears. Some companies then choose to sell the outstanding balance to Cabot.  

If we have purchased your account, we’ll send you a letter to let you know. One of our Customer Consultants will then attempt to call you, they will listen your situation to help you find the best solution for you.


The consultant was very helpful, very understanding and kind which in these situations is extremely helpful. If I could move all my debts and creditors over to you lot my life would be a lot happier.

Dave, Swansea

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Our ethics

To ensure all of our customers are treated fairly and have a positive outcome from their experience with us, we've developed an ethical framework that guides everything we do in order to give our customers the best experience with Cabot.

Key to this framework is that our entire team – from our frontline Customer Consultants to the most senior management – play their role in ensuring we stay true to our mission statement.

It's this sense of team spirit that ensures that the breadth of experience of our senior team filters through to the most junior and allows us to identify opportunities for personal and professional development and to innovate rapidly. Change isn't something we fear, which is why we challenge our team to continually focus on improving our working practices.

At the heart of all of this, though, are our customers. We're dedicated to consistently exceeding our customers' expectations and never stop looking for ways to improve our customers' experience with us.


Our history

Established in 1998, Cabot Financial is one of the most respected debt purchase companies in the UK. We have offices all across the UK in addition to our headquarters in Kings Hill, Kent. We help over 2 million customers manage their credit commitments.

We are part of the Cabot Credit Management Group, who are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, and are members of the Credit Services Association. We operate to the highest regulatory standards and take pride in the way we engage with our customers.

The interests of our customers and clients are at the heart of our business. We follow the Credit Services Association’s Code of Practice and Cabot Credit Management is a registered firm with the Lending Standards Board, committed to complying with the Standards of Lending Practice. 

These codes and standards are supported by policies and controls that support fair outcomes for everyone involved.


Click here to view The Standards of Lending Practice

Click here to view the CSA Code of Practice