Chloe was experiencing some financial difficulties and having a hard time managing her credit account. After eventually defaulting on the account, Chloe became a Cabot customer.

At first, Chloe was a little confused as to why her debt had been sold to Cabot. “I thought Cabot were debt recovery agents who only wanted to recover money.”

However, after talking to Cabot and learning about the process, Chloe's opinion of Cabot changed.

"I think they're a good, caring company that help customers”.

In order to help her pay off her debt in the most manageable and convenient way, Chloe and Cabot agreed to clear her balance with a one-off payment.

Before her experience with Cabot, Chloe felt as though she was “stuck in a hole”. But since paying off her debt, she feels “a lot happier”.

Now debt-free, Chloe has some simple advice for new Cabot customers:

"Talk to them and be honest”.


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