Nicola’s first contact with Cabot came after she built up multiple debts – including credit and store cards – one of which was taken on by Cabot. She felt Cabot was very understanding about her situation, and that the advisers wanted to help her clear her debt quickly but in a way that was affordable.

It took six months to clear her debt.

“Getting into debt is something that happens to a lot of people,” says Nicola, who felt that it had become part and parcel of life. Her money worries had such an impact on her day-to-day living that Nicola is determined never to be in that position again, and will now only buy something if she can truly afford it.

Nicola started her journey with Cabot on a payment plan, making regular payments, but when she had some extra money, she chose to make a one-off payment and clear the entire amount.

Since paying off her debt, Nicola has more disposable income, and the stress and pressure around debt has subsided.

To people starting their Cabot journey, she suggests:


Be sensible about what you can afford to pay and listen to the advice you’re given. The more you can comfortably afford to pay, the quicker your debt will end.

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