Andrew was struggling to pay off debt from a bank loan. After missing payments, Andrew’s account was purchased by Cabot in order to help him pay off his debt.

His first contact with Cabot left him feeling “confident [he] could pay off the debt”. He saw Cabot as a very “professional and helpful” company. By working with the company, he was able to set up a payment plan that took him approximately one year to pay off.

Before paying off his debt with Cabot, Andrew felt as though he needed to “borrow to provide better things” for his family. But since working with Cabot, he now views debt as something he never wants to get into again.

Andrew noted that his life has changed “a lot” since paying off his debt. “I now have extra money for savings and also trips with the family”.

Andrew advises new Cabot clients who are about to begin their journey to “pay off as much as you can quickly”.


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