Due to an unplanned overdraft, Jamie accumulated “horrible fees” on his old bank account. Their debt was then sold to Cabot.

Jamie’s first impression of Cabot as a company was “scary, as most debt collection agencies are”. However, he soon got over the fear, and after an initial call, Jamie viewed Cabot as “friendly and understanding”. Although still worried about what would happen if he couldn't pay off the debt, Jamie felt better knowing “they’d help me where they could”.

After working out a payment plan that suited Jamie, he was able to pay it off after a year. Before their journey with Cabot, Jamie viewed debt as something “terrifying and embarrassing”.

“[It’s] something that would ruin your life and relationships.”

Since paying off his debt, Jamie began to view debt as something manageable “as long as you’re open and honest about it and your situation.”

Although he isn't completely “out of the woods”, debt has become “one less thing to worry about” in Jamie’s life. His advice to those who are beginning their Cabot journey is to:

Call them. Tell them everything. It’s the only way they can truly help you.


If Jamie were to become a Cabot client again, he would “feeling them immediately to try and find a solution to the problem” more confident in contact.

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