Amy, a Call Performance Team Leader at Cabot Financial, had recently started running and was determined to do something big to support Abigail's Footsteps, a charity that supports parents dealing with stillbirth bereavement.

“I heard of Abigail’s Footsteps in October 2017 after a friend had a miscarriage and they supported her through that traumatic time in hospital.”

Amy signed up to run the Brighton Marathon with Harnack, a colleague, for the charity and between them they raised £2,300 in sponsorship. Cabot Financial then contributed an extra £1,500 to Amy and Harnack's sponsorship totalling £3,800. This provided enough money for the charity to buy two cold cots to support more grieving parents.

“Often with big charities, you don’t really understand the impact that your fundraising has had, but Abigail’s Footsteps is a really, really small charity and we can see the impact and help many more families."

What is Abigail's Footsteps?

In times of grief, selfless acts are the ones that shine bright and help give people purpose and that can be said with the charity Abigail's Footsteps. Set up in 2010 by two parents who lost their daughter Abigail at 41 weeks gestation, the charity aims to help healthcare professionals with bereavement training and support to ensure the that bereaved parents get the highest level of care, whilst providing vital equipment and ensuring that bereavement suites are away from the maternity wards.

A stillbirth is when a baby is born dead after 24 weeks of pregnancy. Unfortunately, this is quite a common occurrence, happening in one in every 200 births in England.

If you want to support the charity, you can follow Amy and Harnack's footsteps by fundraising at work or school, join them at one of their events or donate to the charity by clicking here.