Communications With Us And
Our Responsibility For Customer Confidentiality


When you connect to this website all information that is passed between your web browser and our web server is encrypted.

The data that you submit from the web browser is encoded using a session key, which means that anyone trying to intercept the information on the Internet will not be able to read it. This also happens when the web server sends information back to you.

This process uses a standard system called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Cabot Financial use the latest version of this technology (128-bit encryption), which is the most secure commercially available today. This is why you should use a recent version of Internet Explorer or Netscape to access our website.

Your password is held securely in our database and will only be emailed to you when you register or if you successfully answer your security question.

It is very important that you keep your password safe! If you think that it has been compromised in any way, please telephone us on 0344 556 0263.​