He was helpful and understanding, so it wasn't as scary as I thought. I thought I was going to be in trouble, but he just said, 'We can look at your circumstances, and then we can see if there's an affordable amount. We don't want you to pay too much if you can't afford it.'

Emma, 2018

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Because of my health, I think Cabot are probably the best people I deal with, with the problems I have. Always easy to speak to, always listen very carefully and as I said before, couldn't ask for better service really.

03 August 2018

He was very polite, he was actually making you feel at ease with the money that you owe and trying to help you pay it back as best you can on limited incomes, it's not a very nice feeling. That was the essence of it all really, basically he was just a nice young guy trying to help people in a difficult situation. Very pleasant, well mannered and very warming really, good man.

07 August 2018

Sometimes people get frightened to talk to people especially about money when they've got themselves into debt, but I didn't find that with your company. They were always kind, polite and helped me in the best way they could.

11 August 2018

I kept putting it off, kept putting it off, kept putting it off and then I finally thought I have to do it and once I had done it wished I had done it many months ago because it was so easy to talk to somebody and got all the answers I needed.

09 August 2018

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