He was helpful and understanding, so it wasn't as scary as I thought. I thought I was going to be in trouble, but he just said, 'We can look at your circumstances, and then we can see if there's an affordable amount. We don't want you to pay too much if you can't afford it.'

Emma, 2018

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The call handler was helpful and dealt with my query in 6 minutes. They are very understanding and not judgemental or patronising at all which is something I was quite anxious about. I'm very satisfied with how my query was dealt with and would advise anyone to get in contact without any hesitation as Cabot seem very happy to help.

Priya, June 2023

Unfortunately I can't remember his name, but the chap I was just speaking to was fantastic to deal with. I know that it can be difficult and sometimes embarrassing to discuss your finances with a stranger, but the call I just had was very pleasant. I'm looking forward to the day that I'm all paid up and finally clear from the stress of long-term debt.

Dunoon, June 2023

I spoke with a lovely lady called Chase, at first I was worried and upset about my debt and how to start a plan to pay back. Plus I’m not very good with numbers and always make mistakes, but this lovely lady was so very patient and listened to what I had to say and let me explain my situation, she was so very kind and explained everything step by step until I understood what was needed to be done. Chase is definitely an asset to your company, such a calming person to talk to and didn’t make me feel hopeless because of the mess I’m in. I thank you very much Chase for being so kind and helping me on my road to being debt free.

Sandra, June 2023

Very friendly and understanding staff. They asked me questions to understand the situation and created a plan that would help me. The lady I spoke to was very calm and because of that I’m not stressed about this bill anymore.

Denis, May 2023

The lady I spoke to was very sympathetic and unjudgmental. The way that Cabot Financial works made me feel completely at ease and relaxed. It took me a lot to call them and get back on track, but I now feel I had absolutely nothing to worry about. More than satisfied with my call today.

Tayla, March 2023

Cabot Financial called me to discuss my financial situation and I have to say I was so impressed. The empathy and understanding shown to me was refreshing. I think that if other financial consultants from other organisations adopted the same customer care approach as Cabot, they would benefit from it. Thank you Cabot.

John, March 2023

Graham was very understanding and empathetic to my situation. I wish other creditors were like this as previously I have had bad experiences which have affected my mental health.

No Name, March 2023

Karla was so patient and understanding, I didn’t disclose my ADHD until the end of the call, so how she managed to stay on track with my rambling about irrelevant stuff is beyond me but she was professional and kind throughout. She took a lot of stress and fear about dealing and managing debt away in this call and I cannot express the relief I felt after this call. Thank you.

Sharn, March 2023

I spoke to Alison who put me at ease straight away, she was really approachable and was a great help. Sometimes we are all scared off answering the phone or face our fear off debit. But I can honestly say talking to her today was a great help.

Ann, March 2023

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