Waliul was in "major financial difficulties" and found Cabot to be a breath of fresh air.

"I was overdrawn and had high credit card bills and my bank sold my overdraft debt to Cabot to pursue further.

"It was particularly a tough time for me as at the time I had just lost my job and had been through a divorce after being married for 17 years." Waliul got in touch with us and was pleasantly surprised by the experience.

"Cabot was a breath of fresh air for me as I was was already at a very bad place in life.

"They were very helpful from the outset and understanding. The customer agents at Cabot made it very easy for me to beat my debt by giving me practical, yet affordable choices. They assisted me with valuable information that made it possible for me to beat all of my debts. It made me feel confident that I'd be ok.

"Now, nearly two years on, I’m completely debt-free and have learnt the hard way that being responsible with money is priceless! Thank you Cabot!"

Waliul says he's learnt his lesson, "I avoid any form of debt like plague now! I thought the debt would last forever and I'd have to pay a certain amount of money back for life. It was a terrible feeling."

Now he's free of debt, he says, "I feel happier and enjoy small things in life, which wouldn't generally happen before when I was in debt."

Asked what advice he'd give to new Cabot customers, he said:

"I would advise not to worry too much, Cabot will help anyway they can. Be honest and sincere with them. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel!"

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