As a low-income earner living with mental illness, Laura was using interest-free credit cards to pay for essentials such as rent and food, and then transferring the debt over and over.

After becoming overwhelmed by her financial situation, she sought help for her mental health and was put in contact with a debt advice charity. By that time, Laura’s debt had been transferred to Cabot.

“At first, I was dubious about Cabot's communication with me and was defensive over the phone with them, however, the customer service people were really understanding.”

After talking to Cabot’s Customer Consultants, Laura realised that Cabot was different from other companies.

“The people on the end of the phone were human, with respect and awareness of the many reasons why people may get into debt and an understanding of how stressful being in debt is.”

Laura says dealing with Cabot was easy and reassuring. “They calmed me down, earned my trust, and made sure I was paying a realistic monthly direct debit back which didn't dramatically affect my daily finances… they also made sure that the one-off payment wasn't going to leave me in a dire financial situation.”

Laura was on a payment plan but made a one-off payment to clear her final balance.

Before Cabot, Laura was treated “horrendously” by other debt companies, which made her very defensive. However, after working with Cabot, Laura says, “My opinion throughout the experience has been positive, as positive as it can be when dealing with personal debt.”

Since paying off her debt, Laura feels that “the perpetual stress and panic that the debt created has been lifted.”

Laura advises people starting their journey with Cabot to “try to listen to them and trust them. Cabot are human beings and treat you like a respectable adult, which is rare with debt companies.”

Laura is now debt-free and able to get back to living her life, saying she feels a “massive relief” now that she is living without worrying about her debt.

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