“I had a debt that was bought by Cabot and they accepted the previous payment plan I had. They also allowed me to take a payment break while waiting for the sale of my house to be completed.”

Ann remembers being scared because “the debt built up so quickly,” but Cabot was able to work with her to get rid of her debt in a manageable, (and crucially quick) way. Working with Cabot made her feel “reassured and not pressured,” and they dealt with her debt in a “very kind manner.”

“I paid off the debt and they sent me a very nice letter. Debt doesn’t have to make you worry when Cabot helps you. They are a genuine and kind company.”

As for advice, Ann offers some when dealing with debt:

“Feel secure they will help every step of the way. You need to take some responsibility for your debt as you borrowed the money – but Cabot is very approachable.”

She urges people to think carefully before borrowing so that they’re aware of the risks of taking out lines of credit and what could happen if they fall into debt.


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