Geoffrey had a well-paid job and lived off his salary, bank overdrafts and credit cards. Geoffrey was unexpectedly made redundant and had to prioritise his bills, he worked whatever jobs he could just to pay his priority bills.

His credit cards and any other unsecured debts came second in priority to his mortgage and secured loan, which inevitably meant that he fell behind on some payments.

"I found that, historically, companies were quite aggressive when chasing and didn’t care if you couldn’t afford the payments they demanded. If you didn’t pay then a default was registered. And so it went on.”

Then, Cabot took over his accounts. According to Geoffrey, Cabot was “more reasonable and accommodating” than his original creditors, listening to his needs where other companies did not. He found Cabot’s approach to be a breath of fresh air. Within about six months on a suitable payment plan, Geoffrey was debt-free.

“It’s a relief I can tell you. It’s even more of a relief when the accounts show on Experian as satisfied which in turn only benefits your credit rating. My current Experian rating is excellent."

“Debt is a consequence of modern living and everyone needs some form of credit these days. However, my past experiences have taught me to keep on top of any debt I have and manage it more proactively.”

Geoffrey advises that those starting their Cabot journey shouldn’t be afraid to talk to Cabot’s helpful Customer Consultants.

“Burying your head in the sand, not opening post, not answering calls, all of this makes things worse. Call them, tell them your situation and they will try and work with you. It can be a long road to clear the debt, however, it’s important to do the right thing and pay what you owe.”

Watch Sophie's story about her journey to financial recovery

Watch Sophie's journey

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