After splitting up with her ex-partner, Laura was under a lot of pressure to make ends meet on her own. With three kids and a part-time job, Laura’s bills began to pile up. She struggled to pay rent, food and phone bills. After becoming a Cabot customer, Laura was given the option to pay off her debt in a manageable way that worked with her current situation.

After her first conversation with Cabot, Laura felt “very relieved”. She described Cabot as “helpful, understanding and great with solutions”.

We worked out a payment plan with Laura to help her pay off her debt. Within ten months, Laura was debt-free.

Before Cabot, Laura saw debt as something that was much easier to get out of than it actually was. Now, Laura says, “I try my best to stay away from [debt] and make sure everything is paid on time”. Since joining Cabot, Laura’s life has changed “drastically”.

I am much more financially stable. I am much less stressed and happier without that hanging over my head.

Laura has even started her own business, which has started to make a healthy profit. Laura advises customers who are starting their Cabot journey to “stick with your payments and ring them if you are struggling as they will have other solutions”.

Watch Sophie's story about her journey to financial recovery

Watch Sophie's journey

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