Rebecca N testimonial


Rebecca says she was "frightened" by her situation when she realised her finances were getting out of control.

"I got into debt that I couldn’t afford to pay back and Cabot helped me when I couldn’t see a way forward.”

After her debt was purchased by Cabot, we got in touch with her to discuss how we could help her to financial recovery.

"Cabot made me feel at ease and relaxed. The customer service was excellent and they were so, so friendly," she says.

Over the following 18 months, Rebecca paid her balance off with a Cabot payment plan.

Now able to look forward to the future, she says, "I feel at ease now and I'm not worrying all the time."

And she has some advice for new Cabot customers: "Just relax and let Cabot help you."

Watch Sophie's story about her journey to financial recovery

Watch Sophie's journey

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If you're worried about talking to us, remember that we're here to help you to financial recovery and that we'll never ask you to pay more than you can afford.

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