Daniel was a student with a low-income job when he ran into financial hardship. He fell behind on his payments and couldn't see a way out.

His debt was sold to Cabot and he says, "I didn't end up speaking to anyone over the phone. But it was very efficient being able to sort it all online, the whole process became very efficient."

Sometimes it can be difficult to talk to a real person about your debt issues – we appreciate that – so our online account management features are perfect for people like Daniel to keep track of their payments.

Since paying off his debt, Daniel said, “I have noticeably more money to spend on things that I have wanted, and to put towards other bills. I have also been able to get more desirable food.”

Before Cabot, Daniel thought debt created a crippling, demeaning kind of shame. After his experience with Cabot, Daniel thinks that debt “is an unfortunate situation to be in, but it certainly isn’t the end of the world. There are people that understand and are willing to help.”

“You are in control of your repayments. As long as you budget properly and are honest about the money coming in and going out, you’ll be surprised at how quickly a debt can disappear.”

With Cabot, Daniel was able to get his life back by paying his debt off in payments that worked for him.


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