We are extremely pleased to announce that Cabot has won the “Best Use of Technology” Award at the Credit Excellence Awards. The award “recognise organisations that work in a way to inspire others to deliver the best possible customer outcomes.”

We continue to provide excellent customer service using CallMiner’s innovative Eureka speech analytics platform. With real-time speech analytics, we can listen to the needs of our customers and can find the best plan to help them. This technology also allows Cabot to support Consultants in order to provide the best possible service.

The Credit Excellence judges said Cabot is “an excellent example of the use of technology to enhance the capabilities of individuals in real time, to the benefit of customers.”

Thanks to our innovative use of technology, we're able to listen to your concerns and needs and use them to make your situation better for you.

We’re extremely proud to share this achievement with all of you, and we look forward to helping more people on their journey to financial recovery in the future.

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Watch Sophie's journey

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