Struggling with the cost of living alone in London, as well as a job search taking its toll on Brian's finances, it soon got the better of him. He felt “redundant” in his search for a job and soon ended up in debt which was eventually sold to Cabot.

On his first encounter with Cabot, Brian felt “slightly anxious”, but soon regarded the company as “professional, accommodating and supportive”.

We worked out a payment plan that allowed Brian to pay off his debt within two years. During this time, Brian lost his home. Amongst all the stress, he forgot about his debt payment because he was dealing with other external situations. Nonetheless, he managed to pay it all off.

Before accumulating his debt, Brian had no prior experience with debt, so debt was viewed as a “scary concept” to him. Now that he is debt free, Brian feels “happier” and “free”.

His advice to those who are starting their journey with Cabot is to “take control, make contact, [and] be honest with Cabot and yourself”.

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